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Bostitch Trigger Valve Unit FA205BA1 $7.52

Bostitch Nailer Parts By Model Number

Product Details
Brand: Bostitch
Part Number: FA205BA1

FA205BA1 - Trigger Valve Unit

The trigger mechanism actuates the trigger valve inside the gun when you pull it, which fires the driver and drives the nail/staple. There are two types of triggers: “sequential” and “contact”. Contact triggers allow you to “bump fire” the gun: just hold the trigger down and fire multiple nails at a time. Sequential triggers require you to first press the nose to the medium before the gun will fire, so it allows you to fire only one nail at a time.

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This item fits the following models:

Pneumatic Brad Nailer Parts - SB-1842BN
Pneumatic Finish Stapler Parts - SB-150SX
Pneumatic Stapler Parts - BTFP71875
Pneumatic Stapler/Brad Nailer Parts - SB-2IN1
Nailer Parts - SB1850BN
Brad Nailer Parts - SB-125BN

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