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Rol-Air Synthetic Blend Oil, 34oz bottle OILBLNDSYN34 - $20.40

Reciprocating Lubricants

Product Details
OILBLNDSYN34 - Synthetic Blend Oil, 34oz bottle
Brand: Rol-Air
Part Number: OILBLNDSYN34


Lasts 2,000+ hours between oil changes!

Running the proper oil in your air compressor is essential to its operation and longevity. Air compressor oil is different than standard motor oil, which have detergents needed for internal combustion engine components. Air compressor oils range from standard oils to synthetic and partial-synthetic oils. The viscosity ranges from 20w to 40w but synthetic oils operate in a wide range of temperatures. Replace your oil every 3 months for constant-use units.

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Extra Details

  • Mineral based, commonly referred to as Semi-Synthetic or Synthetic Blend oil.
  • Has many of the same characteristics, with a few additives added, as a PAO Synthetic
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 120 F
  • Longer life between changes 2,000+ running hours (compared to regular refined petroleum based oils 200-400 hours)
  • Lower price points with many of the same benefits of the PAO Synthetic oils
  • Very good cold weather starting
  • Can be combined with regular petroleum oils

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