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STV1, STV2 Valve Kits

Bostitch Trigger Valves

Product Details
For T40BSX-CT, T40K3, T40SL-CT, T50S4-1, T60S420M-1


These are speed valves. Only for nailers that have a pin that fits thru the stem of the valve and attaches to a rocker underneath the trigger.

Includes preassembled trigger w/ instructions and o-ring grease. A 5 minute repair. Stops trigger leaks immediately! These new styles replace your old trigger style. If your piston/driver moves up and down freely with the nailer disconnected from air, (meaining the driver is not jammed with a nail) then replace this valve to stop trigger air leaks.

(Click here for complete trigger kit information for all models)

Click here to find out how to fix a leaky trigger valve

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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00000For T40BSX-CT, T40K3, T40SL-CT, T50S4-1, T50S5, T60S420M-1, 650S4-1, 650S5-1, 750S4-1, 750S5-1, 850S4-1, 863S4-1, T60S425 (models after 1995)....... [+]STV2$57.54STV2 --
00000Stv1Replaced by the STV2 below.(X)NLA

Displaying 2 products
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