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Ring Set K462RK - 37114, 37116, 39114, 39143, 39145 122.00 $69.85

Kellogg Air Compressor Pumps & Pump Parts

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K462RK - Ring Set

Found under the following brands: Kellogg
Part Number: K462RK (37114, 37116, 39114, 39143, 39145)

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Complete ring set for your pump. Includes rings for 2 LP pistons and 2 HP pistons.

The piston rings provide compression in an air compressor pump by providing the seal in between the cylinder wall and the piston. In an oil-bath pump, there are usually two compression rings and one oil (scraper) ring to keep oil from passing the piston and into the head. In an oil-free pump, the piston is Teflon-coated and doesn’t require lubrication. If your pump is pulling oil into the head or if compression is very low (oil-bath pumps), replace the rings. If your pump isn’t pressurizing or if the piston ring is damaged along the outer perimeter (oil-free pumps), replace it. Also replace the cylinder sleeve when replacing the compression ring (oil-free pumps).

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Air Compressor Pump Parts - 352TVX
Air Compressor Pump Parts - 462TVX

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