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RIDGIDRYOBI BRUSH ASSY 290069080 - $3.52

Ridgid Circular Saw Parts

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Found under the following brands: Ryobi, Ridgid
Part Number: 290069080


Brushes are made out of carbon and are integral in completing the circuit in the power tool so that it operates. The brushes make contact with the tool’s motor, specifically the commutator on the armature. When the brushes make contact with the commutator, electricity can travel from the power source, to the motor and operate the tool. Brushes wear down and need to be replaced periodically; if the tool is intermittent or doesn’t shut off, first inspect the brushes as this is the simplest solution.

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This item fits the following models:

Hammer Drill Parts - R5013
Hammer Drill Parts - R5011
Drill Parts - R7111
Fiber Cement Saw Parts - R3400

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