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Regulator RE-2004

106 Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

Product Details
Brand: Craftsman
Part Number: RE-2004

Obsolete, no replacement, none in stock

Description: Adjustable air pressure knob assembly. (Gauge sold separately).

Don't ruin your equipment, supply just the right amount of PSI to your tools with the regulator. A pressure regulator can be used on portable and stationary units and installs in-line. Don't forget your gravity water/particulate filter so you have clean, dry air to your line. Replace this if you can no longer regulate the exact amount of pressure you need to your line, or if it leaks. Be sure to check the accuracy of your regulator gauge periodically.


This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Parts - 106.174541
Air Compressor Parts - 106.153680

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