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Pressure Washer Parts MX5222

Maxus Gas Pressure Washer Parts

Product Details
MX5222 - Pressure Washer Parts
Brand: Maxus
Model: MX5222

Pressure Washer Parts



MX5222 - Pressure Washer Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)WheelPneumatic wheel. .WA005620AV(X)NLA
(not shown)Tip(Red)PM039695AV(X)NLA
(not shown)Tip(Green)PM039697AV(X)NLA
(not shown)Tip(White)PM039698AV(X)NLA
00001Handle TubePM343715JJ Replaces PM343715AVPM343715AVPM343715JJ(X)NLA
00002BoltPM001903AVPM001903AV - Bolt(X)NLA
00003Flat Washer(1/4)ST000600AVST070910AV$1.22ST070910AV - Flat Washer-
00004Nylon Lock NutST073808AV$1.10ST073808AV - Nylon Lock Nut-
00005BoltPM001902AV$1.06PM001902AV - Bolt-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00006Left LegNote: Please order complete frame assembly, part # PM344783SJPM344828BH(X)NLA
00007Right LegNote: Please order complete frame assembly, part # PM344783SJPM345100BH(X)NLA
00008Rubber BumperAL062300AV$7.32AL062300AV - Rubber Bumper(X)-
00009Self-tapping ScrewIncludes six (6) screws.ST074415AV, ST120200AV, ST073236AVST074415AJ$5.22ST074415AJ - Self-tapping Screw-
00011PushnutPM066300AVPM066300AV - Pushnut(X)NLA
00012BoltPM001904AVPM001904AV - Bolt(X)NLA
00013AxlePM344831JJ Replaces PM344831BHPM344831BHPM344831JJ(X)NLA
00014BASE PC BLACK VERT PWPM344725KK Replaces PM345520AVPM345520AV, PM344725KK(X)NLA
00015ASM. CHEM. TUBE AND FILTERPM013700SVPM013800AV$11.25-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00017GUN O-RING KIT Replaced with PM345403SJ Gun o-ring kit. O-rings can be made from a variety of materials including polyurethane, silicone and neoprene. O-rings provide a seal between two...... [+], PM345402SV, PM345402SJPM345403SJ$3.89-
00018HOSE-2600PSI-14-1415MM Replaced with PM344301AV PM344301AV replaces PM243700AVPM243700AV, PM012900AV, PM012902AVPM344301AV$36.36PM344301AV - HOSE-2600PSI-14-1415MM  Replaced with PM344301AV-
00019LANCE YILI ST-QC NOZZLE(18 Inch-Quick Connect) The lance is what attaches to the end of the gun, and comes in many different lengths (depending on the application) and...... [+]PM035120AV, PM035121AV, PM351378AV$33.91-
00020TIP 15 DEG QC 2.5(Yellow)PM039696AV$6.34-
00021Nozzle / Tip-Soap. (Black) Use for Models PW3230, PW4035 Nozzles come in a myriad of sizes, pressure ratings and spray angles to suit any application imaginable....... [+]PM039820AV$12.54-

Displaying 25 products
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