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Pressure Washer Parts HU80530, HU80531, HU80931

Husky Gas Pressure Washer Parts

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HU80530, HU80531, HU80931 - Pressure Washer Parts
Brand: Husky
Model: HU80530, HU80531, HU80931 - Compatible replacement parts for original Husky models

Pressure Washer Parts


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HU80530, HU80531, HU80931 - Pressure Washer Parts schematic
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HU80530, HU80531, HU80931 - Pressure Washer Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Vertical Pump Himore 2200 PSIOriginal pump is . Note: replacement pump will not fit model HU80522. Some adjustments on new replacement pump may be required. Keep your...... [+]308653002, 308653007$131.60308653007 - Vertical Pump Himore 2200 PSI-
(not shown)Hose, Black 20ft (308414003)Hose, Black 20FT(X)NLA
00001LANCE ASSEMBLY Replaced with 308494004Length: 21-3/8" Top OD: 7/8" Top ID: 9/16" Bottom (ball valve) OD: 1" Bottom ID: 7/16" The lance is what attaches to the end of the...... [+], 31207302G, 985675001, 308494003, 308494001308494004$43.15308494004 - LANCE ASSEMBLY   Replaced with 308494004-
00002Gun, Spray Wand The lance is what attaches to the end of the gun, and comes in many different lengths (depending on the application) and materials. There are...... [+]308413005308413005 - Gun, Spray Wand(X)NLA
00004HOMELITE ENGINE SHROUD ASSY - HU80530518383003, 120950006$25.81120950006 - HOMELITE   ENGINE SHROUD ASSY - HU80530-
00005OIL CAPDIPSTICK 4.5 BS308658001$5.68-
00006BAGGED AXLE ASSY 13MMThis assembly includes part # 8.120900011$7.99-
00007WHEEL ASSY - 7 DIAHU80520308603001$15.18-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00008Hitch Pin678238001$1.55-
00009Muffler Cover638323001$8.22-
00010SCREW M5X0.8X8mm660991001$1.55-
00011BOLT HEX HD 14-20 UNC L 25mm660945001$1.55-
00012Washer (1/4")638128003$1.55-
00013FOOT RUBBER 55 DUROMETER561454001$1.55-
00013WEAR PAD NON-MARRING RUBBER. Please order part # 570554001. The piston rings provide compression in an air compressor pump by providing the seal in between the cylinder...... [+], 985652001570554001$1.55570554001 - WEAR PAD NON-MARRING RUBBER-
00014FRAME WELDMENT ASSY HU80931308471002(X)NLA
00015High Pressure Hose (308414003) Your pressure washer hose takes a beating, so eventually you’ll have to replace it. There are four main specs to think about when replacing the...... [+](X)NLA
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00016STRAPVELCROHOSE STORAGEHU80522 Replaced with 308652001308652002, 308652001$3.42-
00018PLASTICFILTER - 518391001518391001$1.76518391001 - PLASTICFILTER - 518391001-
00019Nozzle Cleaning Tool678148002678148002 - Nozzle Cleaning Tool(X)NLA
00020SCREW THD FORMING S.S.660733003(X)NLA
00021FUEL CAP BS 2007 Replaced with 308728001, 308728002308728001(X)NLA
00024NOZZLE2.50 DEG RED(Red, 0 Degrees)678303001$11.33-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00025NOZZLE ASSY 2.50 25 DEG GREEN(Green, 25 Degrees)678304001$8.66-
00026NOZZLE SOAP BLACK Replaced with 308706006, 985682001, 678152001308706006$8.66308706006 - NOZZLE SOAP BLACK   Replaced with 308706006-
00027FILTER SCREEN PW PUMP INLET The pump simply pressurizes water to a high pressure. There are generally three types of pumps: wobble plate pumps, swash plate (axial cam) pumps...... [+]308662001$7.99308662001 - FILTER SCREEN PW PUMP INLET-
00028LABELLOGOENG SPANISH - HU805This is for Model # HU80530 & HU80931.940719003$2.75-
00028LABELUPPER SHROUDThis is for Model # HU80531.940719004$2.37-
00029Quick Start Guide Label940617005$1.55-
00029Quick Start Guide LabelThis is for Model # HU80531.940620006$1.55-
00030Gas/ Prime Label940660008$1.55-
00030LABEL GAS PRIMERThis is for Model # HU80531.940721005$1.55-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00031LABEL DATA PLATEThis is for Model # HU80531.940678010$1.65-
00031LABELDATA PLATE - HU80530This is for Model # HU80530.940678008$1.57-
00031LABELDATA PLATE - HU80931This is for Model # HU80931.940678009$1.52-
00032Danger Label940660014$1.73-
00033Hot Surface Warning Label940680002$1.55-
00034HANG TAG WARNING(Hang Tag) This is for Model # HU80531.960701001$2.14-
00035NUT SELF LOCKING M8678189001$1.55-
00036Thermal Release ValveThermal Relief Valves are designed to protect the pump from damaging heat build up while it is in bypass mode. The valve, sensing a rise in...... [+]678169002, 985904001, 678169001, 678169004$7.37678169004 - Thermal Release Valve-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00037BOLTHEX HEAD M8x65mm660973005$1.73-
00038BOLT WASHER HEX M8x52660969002$1.57-
00039ARC-ISOLATORPREVENTING-VIBRATI Keep your equipment from walking by using rubber isolators. Isolator feet will keep the equipment in place while also minimizing vibration which...... [+]561474001$1.55-
00040WASHER FLAT 516 .37 X .89638128002$1.55-
00041PLASTIC TRV SPOUT518470001$8.50-
00043Inlet Tube.- Inlet Tube(X)NLA
00044Outlet Tube (308862002)(X)NLA
00045SCREW M5 X 10mm660959001$1.55-
00046Output Shaft Key678041002$2.02-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00047O-ring Kit (not Shown)2 o-rings for the wand trigger assembly O-rings can be made from a variety of materials including polyurethane, silicone and neoprene. O-rings...... [+]308663001(X)NLA
00048Press to Release Label940758001$1.55-

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