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Excell Pressure Washer Parts EXWGV2121

DeVilbiss, Excell Gas Pressure Washer Parts

Product Details
Brand: Excell
Model: EXWGV2121

Pressure Washer Parts

EXWGV2121 - Pressure Washer Parts



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EXWGV2121 - Pressure Washer Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00003Oil (16255)(Engine, 20 oz.) 16255 substituted by D23215D23215$13.04-
00005Rubber Foot(Hollow) .16371(X)-
00006Handle(Bagged) .17371(X)-
00007Handle Grip17367(X)-
00008Knob(5/16") .C042(X)-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00010Nut.50 PALW137(X)-
00011Insert NutC041(X)-
00013Washer(F112)F112 substitued by 488860-00488860-00$1.59-
00014Tee NutW131(X)-
00015Nut (not Shown)engine to frame16087$3.88-
00016Washer (not Shown)(Flat-Engine to Pump)F074(X)-
00017Screw (not Shown)(Hex-Engine to Pump)F196(X)-
00018Screw (not Shown)(Hex-Engine to Pump)F101$3.99-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00019Jam Nut17702(X)-
00020High Pressure Hose Your pressure washer hose takes a beating, so eventually you’ll have to replace it. There are four main specs to think about when replacing the...... [+]A03789, A147735140159-99$72.195140159-99 - High Pressure Hose-
00021Wand15227$88.6215227 - Wand-
00022Trigger Gun The gun is where the pressurized water is expelled from, once the trigger is pulled. There are different types of guns, from weeping guns to open...... [+]17780(X)-
00023Chemical Hose15231(X)-
00024Bagged Parts17686(X)-
00025Nozzle Cleaning Tool (not Shown) Nozzles come in a myriad of sizes, pressure ratings and spray angles to suit any application imaginable. Most nozzles have a quick-connect...... [+]NCT001$3.88NCT001 - Nozzle Cleaning Tool (not Shown)-
00026Allen Wrench16797(X)-

Displaying 26 products
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