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Pressure Relief Valve SRV250070 - VO013503AV $19.95

Coleman, Sanborn Pumps & Parts

Product Details
SRV250070 - Pressure Relief Valve

Found under the following brands: Conrader
Part Number: SRV250070 (VO013503AV)


If your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature.


Poor performance, or does air leak out of the intake air filter while the unit is running? This is probably the problem. Damaged/sticking valves is a common issue when you have low compression, and can also cause the motor/engine to stall and too much pressure in the pump’s crankcase. Be sure to clean the head and cylinder very well so as to remove all of the old gasket material and build-up (carbon and rust) when re-installing.

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This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Pump Parts - B4900
Air Compressor Pump Parts - CI150000PS
Air Compressor Pump Parts - CI250000PS, CE9000

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