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Pilot Valve V-206900AV

106 Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

Product Details
Brand: Craftsman
Part Number: V-206900AV

Obsolete, no replacement, none in stock

Description: . Click here for a generic pilot valve.

The pilot/unloader valve controls the airflow from your pump to your tank, and also controls your engine speed, together with the throttle/idle control valve. It acts as the “brain” of your compressor. The valve pressure settings (cut-in and cut-out pressures) is almost always pre-set at the factory, but these settings are also adjustable. Replace if it leaks, chatters, or no longer cuts the unit in or out at the required pressure. There are many types and configurations of pilot valves: some have built-in check valves and unloader ports, depending on the configuration of the unit.


This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Parts - 106.175181

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