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RIDGID Nozzle Holder Grommet 099955001053 -

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Part Number: 099955001053


Nozzles come in a myriad of sizes, pressure ratings and spray angles to suit any application imaginable. Most nozzles have a quick-connect fitting to easily attached to the lance, but some (like MEG nozzles) thread into the lance. Nozzles with a 0 degree orifice are excellent for heavy-duty cleaning and removal of debris off of concrete and metal, whereas a 25 degree nozzle is ideal for general purpose cleaning like spraying mud and leaves off of a driveway. Soap detergent nozzles deliver a large spray of detergent to aid cleaning. Rotating nozzles rotate up to 9,000 RPM to deliver seriously quick cleaning. Variable nozzles can be manually adjusted to spray at multiple angles.


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Pressure Washer Pump Parts - RD80786

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