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Coleman Powermate Sanborn Motor Pulley 006-0108 - $40.73

Single Stage 125psi Compressor Parts

Product Details
Coleman Powermate Sanborn
Brand: Coleman Powermate Sanborn
Part Number: 006-0108


5/8" ID, 3.95" OD. Note: order this item for 6 HP and 6.5 HP units.

The pulley essentially provides the connection from the crankshaft’s output shaft on the motor/engine to the belt, which in turn is connected to the compressor pump’s flywheel. The O.D. (outside diameter) determines the RPM of the pump, so be sure to choose the correct diameter pulley. There are typically one and two-groove pulleys, and pulleys that accept J-6 poly-groove (serpentine-style) belts and v-belts.

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5/8" ID, 3.95" OD. Note: Order this item for models  (for 6 HP and 6.5 HP units).

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