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Kellogg Lp Piston (38237) CK38237 - 38237 $75.85

Kellogg Air Compressor Pumps & Pump Parts

Product Details
Brand: Kellogg
Part Number: CK38237 (38237)

CK38237 - Lp Piston (38237)

Low Pressure Piston only. (larger one)

The piston is an essential component in a compressor pump. Whether it’s an oil-free or oil-bath design, it creates compression on each stroke. In an oil-free design, a Teflon-coated compression ring provides the seal between it and the cylinder sleeve, thereby creating compression; in an oil-bath design, there are compression rings and an oil-ring, like in an internal combustion engine. Replace if the top of the piston is pitted, cracked or warped.

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