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Husky Husky Parts 030436-0 4

Husky Control Panel Assembly

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Brand: Husky
Model: 030436-0 4

030436-0 4 - Husky Parts

030436-0 4 - Husky Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00001Control Panel201571GS$37.48-
00002Outlet Flip Cover197472GS$20.16-
00003Control Panel Box201572GS(X)-
00007ScrewTapping, 3 x 6 Available at local hardware store(X)-
00008Circuit Breaker The circuit breaker's function is to cut off electrical power if wiring is overloaded with current, or if their is a short circuit. Turn the...... [+]202030GS$111.23-
00009Outlet, 120/240 V, TL30A43437GS$59.28-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00010Receptacle Housing The receptacle is what you plug your tool/appliance into. Receptacles have specific voltage and amperage ratings. There are 120 volt or 230/240...... [+]201678GS$11.58-
00011ScrewPhillips Head, M3 - 0.5 x 12 Available at your local hardware store.(X)-

Displaying 11 products
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