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Speedaire Flywheel, 10" B Sect PU007300SJ - PU007300AG, PU007300BK

Speedaire Electric Oil Bath Parts

Product Details
Brand: Speedaire
Part Number: PU007300SJ (PU007300AG, PU007300BK)

PU007300SJ - Flywheel, 10\" B Sect

Replace if missing cooling fins or cracked.

The flywheel is the compressor pump’s pulley, which the belt attaches to and drives the crankshaft. Be sure the flywheel and motor/engine pulley is aligned, as a misaligned pulley and flywheel can damage the pump and motor/engine. Replace if cooling fins are missing. Most flywheels have a specific rotation (usually C.C.W. when looking directly at the flywheel) so be sure the flywheel is installed correctly when replacing it to efficiently cool the pump.


This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Pump Parts - VT232605
Air Compressor Pump Parts - 2Z499C, 2Z630C
Air Compressor Parts - 3Z323B, 3Z355B, 3Z395B
Air Compressor Parts - 3Z323E

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