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Kobalt Crankshaft 053-0107 $47.95

KOBALT Belt Driven Pump Parts

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Brand: Kobalt
Part Number: 053-0107

053-0107 - Crankshaft

The crankshaft translates rotational motion to reciprocating motion in a compressor pump. A crankshaft has “journals”, where the connecting rods ride on. A crank can be damaged by running the pump too low on oil, or if the drive belt is too tight. Make sure the output shaft (where the pulley installs) is not warped, and if you hear knocking, stop the unit immediately and disassemble the pump. When conrods seize onto the crankshaft, the journals must be polished of all aluminum (or iron) deposits before new conrods are installed. If pitted deeply, the crankshaft must be replaced.

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Air Compressor Pump Parts - LPV5145, 040-0386

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