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Condor Style Unloader Valve (90 Degree) EV2WI $15.95

Pressure Switch Unloader Valves

Product Details
EV2WI - Condor Style Unloader Valve (90 Degree)

Found under the following brands: Condor
Part Number: EV2WI


90 degree unloader valve with compression nut. Valve used on many Condor pressure switches.  If this valve leaks continuously after it shuts off, then don't order this, order a check valve on the check valve page. It back feeds this valve when defective giving a false sign that this needs to be replaced.

These valves attach to the pressure switch and bleed off or "unload" excess air in the lines and off of your pump head so your air compressor can easily start up. This is especially necessary after the unit reaches its max pressure and shuts off; the schrader valve is tripped by a lever on the pressure switch, which opens the valve and bleeds the air from the unloader tube and discharge tube. If air leaks from this valve constantly after the units shuts off, replace your check valve, not the unloader valve.

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