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Kobalt Compression Nut/sleeve 058-0012 $9.49

KOBALT Stationary Air Compressor Parts

Product Details
058-0012 - Compression Nut/sleeve
Brand: Kobalt
Part Number: 058-0012

Description: Order one for each end. (Necessary for replacing transfer tube.)
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This item fits the following models:

Stationary Single-Stage Air Compressor Parts - 51-A17, 51-A22, 51-AT22, B51-AT22, B51-AT22-80V
Air Compressor Parts - B51-AT24-80V, B51-A24-80V1, H580, C05Z080H2A154
Air Compressor Parts - 51-C22-80, 53-C22-80, C580, CI5280, C521E80V
Air Compressor Parts - S71-AT32-80V, 7580B, V7548060, C07Z080V2A154, CV7508060
Air Compressor Parts - 2-C523E80H, 2-C523E120H
Air Compressor Parts - H1195023, C10Z030H2CK00
Air Compressor Parts - IV5008023,IV5018023, IV5038023,IV5048023, IV5048023,IV7518023
Air Compressor Parts - 100GEK30HC, 10G-C22-30H, 100GEK50HC, 10G-C22-50H, 110GE
Air Compressor Parts - S11G-A24-50H, 11Z050H2AB, C11Z050H2AB00
Air Compressor Parts - KV5248069, 138416
Air Compressor Parts - IH1195023
Air Compressor Parts - LV5248069, 222050
Air Compressor Parts - CTA9090980, CTA9090980.ES
Air Compressor Parts - PXCMV5048055
air compressor parts - IV5018055
air compressor pump parts - s040-0444
air compressor parts - IV5048055
air compressor parts - IV7518075
Air Compressor Parts - IV5008055
air compressor parts - IV5248069
Stationary Air Compressor Repair Parts - HV7518075, V7518075
Stationary Truck-Mounted Gas Air Compressor Parts - HHA9093080.ES
Stationary Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - ILA5746080
60 gal. Electric Air Compressor Repair Parts - HLA5746080
Stationary Two-Stage Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Repair Parts - IV5038055

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