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FNA Capacitor CBB60 9067050 $15.08

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Brand: FNA
Part Number: 9067050

9067050 - Capacitor CBB60

CBB60 CAPACITOR - 30 MF, 250V.AC 50/60Hz, E232158  - Note: These items are non-returnable items.

Capacitors are common electrical components prevalent in nearly every electrical device and its purpose is to store electric energy for release. In an air compressor, there are usually one or two capacitors attached to the electric motor. Usually, there is a start and a run capacitor. The start capacitor provides energy to “jump start” the motor, while the run capacitor releases energy to allow the motor to keep running. Replace if the unit just hums when you turn it on, or if the casing is cracked, leaking or if the terminals are corroded.

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