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Bullwhip Throttle Control 24" Long Cable TCP-24 $24.61

Throttle Control Valves

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TCP-24 - Bullwhip Throttle Control 24\" Long Cable

Found under the following brands: Conrader
Part Number: TCP-24


Used on compressors with external unloading devices and engines 6.5 hp or below.

The throttle/idle control assembly is used on gas-powered air compressors, in conjunction with the pilot/unloader valve. This assembly connects to the throttle plate/carburetor of the engine to shift from idle to high speed and vice versa. There are generally two different types of throttle assemblies, those with a cable (“bullwhip”) and those with a hollow, nylon tube (“airline”). The Valve itself can attach to the engine throttle plate or thread into the pilot/unloader valve. The air line or cable connects the two and actuates the throttle/governor on the engine at specific pressures to control the speed of the engine.

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