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Rol-Air Belt BT4L490 $14.05

Rol-Air Electric Belt-Drive Parts

Product Details
Brand: Rol-Air
Part Number: BT4L490

Description: V Belt. Replace if frayed or slipping.

Replace if your belt is frayed or if you have more than 1/2" deflection (when pressing down at the centerpoint of the belt with your finger). A belt that is too tight can damage the pump and motor crankshaft and bearings; a belt that is too loose can cause low compression and the motor to run excessively hot, which can trip your electrical breaker. Always replace the belt if it begins to fray or dry-rot.

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This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Parts - 2112K17, 3095K17, 3095K18, 5715K17, 6715K17, 6820K17
Air Compressor Parts - 5520K17
1/2" V-Belts - 1/2" V-Belts
Air Compressor Parts - GR55G10X

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