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Speedaire Air Compressor Pump Parts 4B246C, 4B247C

Speedaire Single Stage Pump Parts

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Brand: Speedaire
Model: 4B246C, 4B247C

Pump Parts

4B246C, 4B247C - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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4B246C, 4B247C - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Gasket Kit Gaskets provide a seal between the pump’s components, such as the oil pan, crankcase, cylinder, valve plate(s) and head (as well as the...... [+]VT272500AJ$28.97VT272500AJ - Gasket Kit-
00001Crankcase, VT PumpNot available for model VT480400. VT pump Crankcase. The pump compresses air and sends the pressurized air to an air receiver/tank for use. The...... [+]VT040300AGVT040300AV$104.81VT040300AV - Crankcase, VT Pump-
00003OIL DPSTK BREATHER ASSY The oil breather/dipstick allows you to check the oil level in the pump, as well as allow to allow the crankshaft to “breathe” through the...... [+]VT041700AJ$8.02VT041700AJ - OIL DPSTK BREATHER ASSY-
00006Connect Rod And Piston AssemblyIncludes piston-rod and rings. Restore compression with this piston assembly kit. Low compression is usually caused by a damaged compression ring...... [+]VT042900AJVT042900SJ$40.81-
00007Piston Ring SetThis kit will NOT fit pumps with 3" Piston! Includes rings for both pistons. This kit contains two different style rings. Install rings that match...... [+]1R398VT210401AJ$54.05VT210401AJ - Piston Ring Set-
00008Ball Bearing Bearings allow the compressor pump and motor/engine to run smoothly and reduce friction between moving parts. Bearings can be sealed or open....... [+]ST084202AV$28.74ST084202AV - Ball Bearing-
00009Crankshaft AssemblyVT040699SJ was originally for the VT470000AJ, VT470000KB, VT480000AJ, and the VT480000KB. The crankshaft translates rotational motion to...... [+]VT040600AJVT040699SJVT040699SJ - Crankshaft Assembly(X)-
00011Oil Seal-vs/vtST129700AV$10.14ST129700AV - Oil Seal-vs/vt-
00014Valve Plate AssemblyThis replaces part numbers TQ011300AJ, TQ900400AJ and VT470800AJ. Torque to 200 in/lbs. Poor performance, or does air leak out of the intake air...... [+]TQ011300AJ, TQ900400AJ, VT470800AJVT491100AV$52.03VT491100AV - Valve Plate Assembly-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00017FILTER- ALL PLASTIC 1/2"Filter - All plastic, 1/2" MPT. Order extra for a backup! Replace this often (especially in dusty environments) to keep your pump from damage. A...... [+]ST073919AV, WL012000AV, WL012300AVWL026100AV$12.46WL026100AV - FILTER- ALL PLASTIC 1/2"-
00018Oil Drain Plug1/8 in. -27ST022300AV$1.98-
00019Oil Sight GlassNote: order this item for models 4B246C. The oil sight glass allows the user to check the oil level in a pump. If cloudy, clean or replace. The...... [+]ST191700AV$4.85ST191700AV - Oil Sight Glass-

Displaying 12 products
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Lever Safety Blow Gun

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1/4" x 50 Ft Noodle Air Hose with Coupler and Plug

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