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Air Compressor Parts EXWC2225, EXWGC2225

DeVilbiss, Excell Gas Pressure Washer Parts

Product Details
EXWC2225, EXWGC2225 - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Excell
Model: EXWC2225, EXWGC2225

Tool Type: Type 1

Pressure Washer Parts


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EXWC2225, EXWGC2225 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Adapter Plate15096(X)NLA
(not shown)Allen Wrench16797(X)NLA
(not shown)Bagged Parts16850(X)NLA
(not shown)Devilbiss Pump Kit The pump simply pressurizes water to a high pressure. There are generally three types of pumps: wobble plate pumps, swash plate (axial cam) pumps...... [+]PK16331(X)NLA
(not shown)Engine(Honda 5 HP.) .GC16QHA(X)NLA
(not shown)FrameT555-P(X)NLA
(not shown)Handle(Bagged) .17026(X)NLA
(not shown)Hose Assembly(16276)16276 substituted by H076H076$116.26-
(not shown)HOSE ASSY CHEMICAL Replaced with H140(Chemical)h140, H100, H140, 5140126-36$11.545140126-36 - HOSE ASSY CHEMICAL   Replaced with H140-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
(not shown)KeyP448$2.97-
(not shown)Knob(5/16") .C042(X)NLA
(not shown)Lock WasherF078(X)NLA
(not shown)Nozzle Cleaning Tool (not Shown) Nozzles come in a myriad of sizes, pressure ratings and spray angles to suit any application imaginable. Most nozzles have a quick-connect...... [+]NCT001$2.97NCT001 - Nozzle Cleaning Tool (not Shown)-
(not shown)NUT .313-18 UNC FLANengine to frame16087$2.97-
(not shown)OIL SAE 10W-30 SJ 32(Engine, 20 oz.) 16255 substituted by D23215, 16990D23215$9.89-
(not shown)Pal Nut(2) frameF464$2.97F464 - Pal Nut-
(not shown)Pneumatic TireX033(X)NLA
(not shown)Quick Connect PlugF039(X)NLA
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
(not shown)Rubber Foot(Hollow) .16371(X)NLA
(not shown)SCREEN GARDEN HOSE 3A00501, F187$1.56F187 - SCREEN GARDEN HOSE 3-
(not shown)Screw(Hex)F064(X)NLA
(not shown)ScrewF066(X)NLA
(not shown)Screw17204(X)NLA
(not shown)Socket Quick ConnectF035, A19985$12.20A19985 - Socket Quick Connect-
(not shown)Thermal Relief Valve (not Shown) This small but very important valve’s function is to relieve or bleed water when it senses the water temperature in the pump is too high, to...... [+]16505, 17658$28.46-
(not shown)Trigger Gun(Female) The gun is where the pressurized water is expelled from, once the trigger is pulled. There are different types of guns, from weeping guns...... [+]16496(X)NLA
(not shown)Wand/multi-regH133(X)NLA
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
(not shown)WASHER FLAT 516 ZP Replaced with 330016-04(Flat-Engine to Pump)F074, 330016-04$1.55-
(not shown)Washer(F112)F112 substitued by 488860-00488860-00$1.39-

Displaying 29 products
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