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Coleman Powermate Sanborn Air Compressor Parts T5090816, T5590816, H5593016, CT5590816

Coleman Sanborn Oil-Bath Gas Air Compressor Parts

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Coleman Powermate Sanborn
Brand: Coleman Powermate Sanborn
Model: T5090816, T5590816, H5593016, CT5590816

Air Compressor Parts




T5090816, T5590816, H5593016, CT5590816 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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00011BeltFor 5.5 HP units. V-Belt Replace if your belt is frayed or if you have more than 1/2" deflection (when pressing down at the centerpoint of the...... [+]007-00214l500$17.18-
00012Pulley/sheave3.45"OD x 3/4" bore. The pulley essentially provides the connection from the crankshaft’s output shaft on the motor/engine to the belt, which in...... [+]006-0091$27.65-
00018Transfer Tube The main line that carries compressed air from the pump head to the air tank, the discharge (or “transfer”) tube is typically made of copper,...... [+]145-0335S145-0335$17.27-
00019Check ValveIf your pressure switch is leaking at the unloader valve, replace this part. Does your air compressor fill up the tank and when it tries to...... [+]031-0060$18.30031-0060 - Check Valve-
Bullwhip Throttle Control 36" Long CableUsed on compressors with external unloading devices and engines 6.5 hp or below. The throttle/idle control assembly is used on gas-powered air...... [+]TCP-36$26.34TCP-36 - Bullwhip Throttle Control 36" Long Cable-
00022Pressure Gauge (7110300000)0-200 PSI, 1/4"" MPT BACK MOUNT, 2" Face. A pressure gauge measures air pressure in the air tank and the pressure to the line from the air...... [+]GA016717AVPG0250200LBK$8.98PG0250200LBK - Pressure Gauge (7110300000)-
00027BDrain Cock, 1/4"1/4" MPT Brass (measures 1/2" on OD). Prevent your tank from rusting out. A simple but essential part, the drain cock (or valve) threads into your...... [+]X4423$5.22X4423 - Drain Cock, 1/4"-
00027DVibration IsolatorVibration Pad (Foot). Four required if needed. Keep your equipment from walking by using rubber isolators. Isolator feet will keep the equipment...... [+]094-0009$10.08-
00027EWheelOrder hubcap also if needed.095-0029$45.82095-0029 - Wheel-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00030New 165 PumpFor 5-6.5HP units. New Pump with felt air filter to replace original pump. Flywheel NOT included. Swap out flywheel, add oil and run. The pump...... [+]040-0311040-0430$196.98
040-0430 - New 165 Pump-
00034Safety Valve, 150 PSIIf your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature. A safety relief valve can save lives!...... [+]VUY583483$21.69VUY583483 - Safety Valve, 150 PSI-
00036Unloader ValveOEM Unloader valve - Powermate, other brands. These valves attach to the pressure switch and bleed off or "unload" excess air in the lines and off...... [+]070-0055$86.33070-0055 - Unloader Valve-

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