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IMC-ATLAS COPCO Air Compressor Parts 5026VP, 5020P

BelAire Oil Bath Electric Parts

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5026VP, 5020P - Air Compressor Parts
Model: 5026VP, 5020P

Air Compressor Parts




5026VP, 5020P - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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5026VP, 5020P - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
1312100119B2800 PumpReplacement pump. 1.5 - 5 HP, 2 Cycle, Single Stage 10 CFM @ 1400 Max RPM 125 - 135 PSI The pump compresses air and sends the pressurized air to...... [+]1312100119$257.381312100119 - B2800 Pump-
1312100170Check Valve1/2" FPT for oulet tube X 1/2" MPT for tank Does your air compressor fill up the tank and when it tries to restart, it stalls and then “kicks”...... [+]CV211312100170$17.671312100170 - Check Valve-
1312100269Wheel Cap1312100269$1.19-
1312100388Motor (m177849) Electric motors are pretty fool-proof, but every now and then you may have to replace it due to either the age (corrosion damage) or when you...... [+]1312100388$323.50-
1312100440Drive Pulley (sak3958)Engine or motor pulley. The pulley essentially provides the connection from the crankshaft’s output shaft on the motor/engine to the belt, which...... [+]1312100440$21.43-
1400086Regulator, 1/4" MiniRegulator Don't ruin your equipment, supply just the right amount of PSI to your tools with the regulator. A pressure regulator can be used on...... [+]AB1400086, AB-1400086REG0250M$21.85-
1400110Safety Valve, 150 PSIIf your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature. A safety relief valve can save lives!...... [+]1400110$19.951400110 - Safety Valve, 150 PSI-
1400111Pressure Gauge A pressure gauge measures air pressure in the air tank and the pressure to the line from the air regulator. Be sure your gauges are accurate; if...... [+]1400111$10.111400111 - Pressure Gauge-
1400425Unloader Line1400425$7.83-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
1400435WheelOrder hubcap also if needed.1400435(X)NLA
833500DBelt GuardComplete belt guard. The Belt Guard is an OSHA requirement and protects your fingers and other body parts from injury. Replace if missing or if...... [+]833500D$67.98-
AB-1400114Power Cord The power cord provides electricity and power to the air compressor or power tool. Typically a cord will have two or three prongs, and has a...... [+]1400114AB-1400114(X)NLA
BA49Ba49 BeltReplace if worn of frayed. Replace your belt if it is frayed, starting to dry rot, or if too loose.BA49(X)NLA
DT029Discharge Tube The main line that carries compressed air from the pump head to the air tank, the discharge (or “transfer”) tube is typically made of copper,...... [+]DT029(X)NLA
FIB02DCDRAIN COCK14VSKNURLED A simple but essential part, the drain cock (or valve) threads into your tank(s) and allows you to drain the tank(s) of water and moisture. Most...... [+]FIB02DC$4.74-
PSMDR21130Pressure SwitchUnloader Valve - Yes 90 degree On/Off Switch - YES OEM Model Essentially the “brain” of the air compressor, the pressure switch senses the...... [+]PSMDR21130$41.95PSMDR21130 - Pressure Switch-
RB1575Rubber FeetKeep your unit from sliding all around your vehicle or floor. 3/4" Height, 1 1/2" DiameterRB1575, 624654219$4.46219 - Rubber Feet-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
TK26VPTank26 gallon, vertical tank. Air tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When a leak in a tank develops, it is nearly impossible to repair or...... [+]TK26VP(X)NLA

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