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Air Compressor Parts 4B237C

Speedaire Single Stage Compressor Parts

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4B237C - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Speedaire
Model: 4B237C

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4B237C - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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4B237C - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)5/16 " - 18 Lock NutST146000AVST146001AV$2.07ST146001AV - 5/16 " - 18 Lock Nut-
00001Tank Air tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When a leak in a tank develops, it is nearly impossible to repair or weld because most leaks...... [+]AR040300CG040300CG(X)NLA
00002THUMB SCREW DRAIN COCKKeep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work. 1/4" Thread & 9/16" Hex A simple but essential part, the drain cock (or...... [+]D-1401, ST030100AVD-1403$6.93D-1403 - THUMB SCREW DRAIN COCK-
000033 PHASE VT MOTOR Replaced by MC083400AVClick on "Electric Motors" in the left hand navigation bar to locate your motor. Electric motors are pretty fool-proof, but every now and then you...... [+]MC083300AV, MC083400AV$278.74-
00006WASHER PLAIN TYPE A 516N ZINC5/16 inch, ST070930AV, AL136000AVST011200AV$1.22ST011200AV - WASHER PLAIN TYPE A 516N ZINC-
000081/4" Pipe Nipple1/4" MPT x 1 1/2" hex pipe nipple; steel. Use this to convert female threads to male threads.AB-90503731/4XHEXNIPPLE ST$3.001/4XHEXNIPPLE ST - 1/4" Pipe Nipple-
00009100-135 PSI CONDOR PS Replaced with CW210700AV 100psi on, 135psi off.CW207574AV, CW210700AJCW210700AV$38.91CW210700AV - 100-135 PSI CONDOR PS  Replaced with CW210700AV-
00012Safety Valve, 150 PSIIf your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature. A safety relief valve can save lives!...... [+]VUY583483$21.69VUY583483 - Safety Valve, 150 PSI-
00013PIPE PLUG 14-18 NPT 1/4-18 IND HX HDST022000AV, ST072915AV, ST072917AVST022500AV$1.22ST022500AV - PIPE PLUG 14-18 NPT-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00014Pressure Gauge0-300 PSI, 1/4" MPT, BOTTOM MOUNT, 2" Face. Replace after 5 years as they weaken and give improper readings. A pressure gauge measures air...... [+]PG0250300BT$9.95PG0250300BT - Pressure Gauge-
00015Condor Unloader Kit, 90-degreeFZ543334DY$21.74FZ543334DY - Condor Unloader Kit, 90-degree-
00016CHK VLV ASSY VS/VT-PROD SERVDIMENSIONS: 1/2" X 1/2" with 1/8" portCV218401AJ, CV220301AJ, CV221502AJCV221502SJ$33.77CV221502SJ - CHK VLV ASSY VS/VT-PROD SERV-
00017MOLDED FERRULE, 1/2"Replaced by ST085200AV.ST067300AV, HF004500AVST085200AV$3.79ST085200AV - MOLDED FERRULE, 1/2"-
00018EX TUBE 202630 VT 51MMVT035900AP$8.33VT035900AP - EX TUBE 202630 VT 51MM-
00019Compression Nut1/2 in. Compression Nut61-8$2.4961-8 - Compression Nut-
00020Tube FttgQR$6.95QR - Tube Fttg-
00021RIDGIDRYOBI RELIEF VALVE TUBING1/4" Nylon Tubing. Order by the foot, qty. 1 = 1 ft. Poor performance, or does air leak out of the intake air filter while the unit is running?...... [+], 079027007017NTB14$2.95NTB14 - RIDGIDRYOBI   RELIEF VALVE TUBING-
00022PumpClick Here for a replacement pump When ordering Pump replacement parts, see compressor nameplate for exact model number. The pump compresses air...... [+]4B247(X)NLA
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00024CapCap for Oil Drain ExtensionST150100AV$4.55ST150100AV - Cap-
00025NippleST083800AV$5.63ST083800AV - Nipple-
00026Compression Fitting AssemblyCompression Connector, 1/2" Comp X 3/8" MPT.ST159001AV, ST159001AJ, st159001avST018300AV$9.48ST018300AV - Compression Fitting Assembly-
00028BELT 50" A48Used on models VT631504, VT559506, VT634500 Replace your belt if it is frayed, starting to dry rot, or if too loose.BT020400AVBT020401AV$15.45BT020401AV - BELT  50" A48-
00029FlywheelNote:Comes with 2 set screws and key. Also for models VT203003, VT273100.Fits 3/4" Shaft pumps (all twin-cylinder "VT" series pumps), 10" Diameter...... [+]PU015900AG, PU015900AJ, PU015900AVPU015901SJ$45.87PU015901SJ - Flywheel-
00030316 X 1 SHAFT KEYFor flywheel., PM004904AVKE000900AV$1.46KE000900AV - 316 X 1 SHAFT KEY-
00031SET SCR 38-16 X 34For flywheel.ST026200AV$1.42ST026200AV - SET SCR 38-16 X 34-
00032Pulley3.25" OD x 5/8". The pulley essentially provides the connection from the crankshaft’s output shaft on the motor/engine to the belt, which in...... [+]PU012600AG, PU012700AGPU012700AV$14.34PU012700AV - Pulley-
00033SET SCR 14-20 X 12These screws are currently out of stock at the manufacturer and can not be purchased.ST012200AV$1.22ST012200AV - SET SCR 14-20 X 12-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00034Wire Belt Guard GroupNote:This is now a kit made of heavy duty wire. FRONT AND BACK BELT GUARD. The Belt Guard is an OSHA requirement and protects your fingers and...... [+]ZV007005SJ, BG217902AV, BG313200AV, BG217800AVBG313700SJ$64.91BG313700SJ - Wire Belt Guard Group-
00036AIR FILTER W/ELEMENT Style 1Filter - All plastic, 1/2" MPT. Uses 04 element. Order extra for a backup! Replace this often (especially in dusty environments) to keep your pump...... [+]ST073919AV, WL012000AV, WL012300AV, WL026100AV$12.46WL026100AV - AIR FILTER W/ELEMENT Style 1-

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