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07.5 HP Magnetic Starter

Generic Magnetic Starters

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- 07.5 HP Magnetic Starter
  • Select the proper voltage and whether single phase or 3 phase.
  • Also purchase the required heaters for your mag starter too.


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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
000001 Phase 230vRequires Qty. 1 B50 heater.W4046$186.52-
000003 Phase 208vRequires Qty. 3 B45 heater.W4043$200.00-
000003 Phase 230vRequires Qty. 3 B25 heater.W4051$185.50-
000003 Phase 460vRequires Qty. 3 B17.5 heater.W4452$183.11-
00000Heater B17.5Choose quantity required for your mag starter above.W4461$20.79-
00000Heater B36Choose quantity required for your mag starter above.W4464$20.79-
00000Heater B45Choose quantity required for your mag starter above.W4466$20.79-
00000Heater B50Choose quantity required for your mag starter above.W4467$20.79-

Displaying 8 products
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