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Steel Braided Transfer Tubes

Steel Braided Transfer Tubes
This short video shows how to convert your old transfer tube to a flexible tube.
  • Tubes used on most newer units. Measure the NPT size of your pump outlet hole for MPT tube size to fit.
  • Will not crack due to vibration.
  • Comes w/ different fitting styles as noted.
  • Can be used as replacement for your copper or aluminum compressor supply tube.
  • Use as anti-vibration break where ridgid lines are installed in your shop. Keeps pump vibration from transferring all through your shop via your metal piping.
  • Easy to convert from compression to flare. Replace your compression style check valve with a flare style and your done!
  • Withstands up to 400 degrees F.
Click Here for instructions on converting your compression style transfer tube to flare style

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Model or Style Information More Info
1/2" Steel Braided Tube, 7" - 12" lengths More Info
3/4" Steel Braided Tube, 12" - 27" lengths More Info
5/16" Steel Braided Tube, 15" long More Info
5/8" Steel Braided Tube, 26" length More Info
Teflon - Teflon Tape (Thread Seal Tape) Various Manufacturers
Teflon Tape (Thread Seal Tape)
Model Number: Teflon
More Info

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)
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