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Sequential Kits

Bostitch Trigger Kits

Product Details
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Must pull and depress for each nail. (safety)

Converts gun from contact trip to sequential trip (must depress trigger for each shot)

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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00000Seq5Replaced by the SEQ6.Use SEQ6(X)NLA
00000Sequential Trigger KitFITS BT35, BT50, S32SX, S32SL, S3297 & S32STCRSEQ2$19.95-
00000Sequential Trigger KitFITS BT125, BT200, FN16250K, CF15-2, LHF97125-2, N52, N62, N66BC, N66C, N75C, N88RH, N88WWB, RN46, SX150LM, SL150LM, S97125, SX150-BHF, USO56,SEQ4$14.99SEQ4 - Sequential Trigger Kit-
00000Sequential Trigger KitSEQ6$14.50SEQ6 - Sequential Trigger Kit-
00000Sequential Trigger KitFITS F21, F28, F33 and N89.SEQ7$10.15SEQ7 - Sequential Trigger Kit-

Displaying 5 products
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