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Bostitch Pneumatic Stapler Parts T36

Bostitch Nailer Parts By Model Number

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Brand: Bostitch
Model: T36

Nailer Parts

T36 - Pneumatic Stapler Parts




Bostitch T36 Nailer Parts.  We have a few parts available for this unit.



T36 - Pneumatic Stapler Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)ScrewUA4816.15$1.95UA4816.15 - Screw-
(not shown)T36 O-ring KitContains all o-rings to restore your nailer. Only o-rings. Order bumpers and other parts also if needed. ORKT36$9.60ORKT36 - T36 O-ring Kit-
00003Air DeflectorVery top cap of nailer.T36397$24.82-
00004Head Valve BumperGoes under cap.T36360$7.53-
00006O-ringOriginal OEM 850246548$5.70-
00007Bostitch T36 Cap Bostitch T36 Cap. 1 left in stock. (NO RETURNS)T36015T36015 - Bostitch T36 Cap(X)-
00008Head Gasket Seals air between head and body of nailer.T36014$4.95-
00011Head Valve Click here for info on this part.T63418T36418(X)-
00012Head Valve Washer T36019(X)-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00015Driver PistonUsed, but in good enough shape to do the job. Simply add o-ring and driver.T36394$19.98-
00018Bostitch T36 Driver Blade (T36246)T36246T36246 - Bostitch T36 Driver Blade (T36246)(X)-
00018Driver BladeFor 1" Crown Stapler w/ slight countersink. (not for roofing) Driver blade. 1 left.T36066$73.95
00018Driver Blade 1" Crown For model T36 1" Crown Stapler. Replacement driver blade. Only a few in stock.T36248$59.95-
00018Driver Blade 7/32" CrownReplacement driver blade. Only 1 in stock.T36369$19.95-
00019Head Valve CushionFits around narrow part of head valve to cushion it against the cap.T36407$9.98-
00021Bostitch T36 CylinderBostitch T36 Cylinder.  .T36008T36008 - Bostitch T36 Cylinder(X)-
00024Bumper .T36007T36007(X)-
00025Bumper PlateFor T36-50/50ST/51 only. Goes under bumper. 1 left.T38014$9.98-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00028Wear PlateKeeps driver from wearing out nose. 1 left in stock.T36037$59.85-
00031T36 Contact Arm (T36023) Contact Arm.  .T36023T36023 - T36 Contact Arm (T36023)(X)-
00032Safety Trip SpringKeeps nailer from accidently firing without depressing against work surface.T36026$5.06T36026 - Safety Trip Spring-
00033T36 Trip Guide Guide cover for trip assby. for models T36-50/50ST/51/54/54ST/55 only.T36024$9.95T36024 - T36 Trip Guide-
00061Trigger Valve SealT34002$5.25-
00064Valve Seat T36393T36393(X)-
00067Bostitch T36 Trigger Bostitch T36 Trigger. 1 left in stock.T36005$4.95T36005 - Bostitch T36 Trigger-

Displaying 26 products
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