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IMC-ATLAS COPCO B5900 Pump B5900 -

Air Compressor Pumps Two Stage 175psi

Product Details
B5900 - B5900 Pump
* NOTE Available for purchase 08/20/2015
Part Number: B5900

Capacity: 16 CFM @ 175 PSI


Replacement B5900 pump - Includes flywheel, aftercooler and air filter.


This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Pump Parts - B5900, Z-D27044, 040-0210, Z-ABP-459
Air Compressor Pump Parts - B5000, 51-AT22, B51-A22
Air Compressor Parts - B51-AT24-80V, B51-A24-80V1, H580, C05Z080H2A154
Air Compressor Parts - K7580V2, 134749
Air Compressor Parts - 59G3HB
Air Compressor Pump Parts - ABP-459
Air Compressor Parts - 919.167802
Air Compressor Pump Parts - Z-ABP-459

* NOTE Available for purchase 08/20/2015

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