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Husky Air Compressor Pump Parts H1504ST, A700062

Husky Oil Free Air Compressor Pump Parts

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Brand: Husky
Model: H1504ST, A700062

Pump Parts

H1504ST, A700062 - Air Compressor Pump Parts

H1504ST, A700062 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Pump AssemblyComplete pump assembly as listed above.A700062$134.63A700062 - Pump Assembly-
(not shown)Screw Parker BAB-9142591$1.68-
(not shown)Semipl. Cover (not Shown)(UP OL 197/45 NB UL)9038426$3.22-
(not shown)Semipl. Cover (not Shown)(LO OL 197/45 NB UL)9038427$3.22-
00002Cylinder BarrelOnly available in the C810100ConrodKit.AB-A731000AB-A731040AB-A731040 - Cylinder Barrel-
Piston/Conrod Kit Kit includes Connecting Rod/Piston, Piston Ring, Screw, Piston Cover and Cylinder. Everything needed to restore compression!C710100ConrodKit$28.95C710100ConrodKit - Piston/Conrod Kit-
00003HeadAB-9415051$10.39AB-9415051 - Head-
00006Valve Plate AssemblyAB-9415091$10.22AB-9415091 - Valve Plate Assembly-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00008Connecting Rod / Piston MachOnly available in the C710100ConrodKit.C710100C710100 - Connecting Rod / Piston Mach-
00019Washer 6x12x1.5AB-9131010$1.68-
00041Connecting Rod CoverOnly available in the C710100ConrodKit.C710300-
00046Motor FanAB-9038320$4.95AB-9038320 - Motor Fan-
00062Cylinder Plate GasketBelow the Valve PlateAB-A650300$9.98AB-A650300 - Cylinder Plate Gasket-
00064Head GasketAbove the Valve PlateAB-9415052$3.97AB-9415052 - Head Gasket-
00078Piston RingOnly available in the C710100ConrodKit, A710100ConrodKit, A810100ConrodKit or A610101ConRodKit.AB-9040019AB-9040019 - Piston Ring(X)-
00126BELT POLY V J5 PJ373 5 ribbed belt. For units build AFTER March 2012.9075317$22.499075317 - BELT POLY V J5 PJ373-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00126Belt, Ribbed J4 PJ3734-ribbed Belt, 3/8" wide. For units built prior to March 2012. You might want to order an extra as this is a popular part. Click Here for installation tipAB-9075316$26.28
AB-9075316 - Belt, Ribbed J4 PJ373-
00600Screw Tcei 5x16 SxAB-9101055$1.68-
00602Nut M6AB-9122331AB-9122442$3.73-
00603Bearing(6203 2Z XL)9170115$11.369170115 - Bearing-
00604Bearing(6201 2RS P6 C3 HT 170")9415531$16.95-
00605Bearing6001 2RS, Quality P6 XL. .9170112$9.869170112 - Bearing-
00606Screw, Piston CapOnly available in the C710100ConrodKit or OL295PistonCylinderKit.9103284-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00611Mot/car Belt Assembly(120V 197)9415782(X)-

Displaying 28 products
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