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Devilbiss Air Power Air Compressor Pump Parts CAC-4029

Devilbiss Pump Parts (125psi & 175psi)

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Devilbiss Air Power
Brand: Devilbiss Air Power
Model: CAC-4029

Air Compressor Parts

CAC-4029 - Air Compressor Pump Parts


CAC-4029 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Connecting Rod Assembly 265-410265-410 - Connecting Rod Assembly(X)-
(not shown)Needle Bearing 265-41 substituted by Z-265-41Z-265-41(X)-
(not shown)Oil Lube Gasket Kit KK-4312-2KK-4312-2 - Oil Lube Gasket Kit(X)-
(not shown)Retainer Filter .265-18(X)-
(not shown)Ring Kit KK-4313KK-4313 - Ring Kit(X)-
(not shown)Screw #8-32x.375 HhwSSF-935$3.22-
(not shown)Valve Kit Valve Kit includes all Intake/Exhaust Flapper Valves and Screws.KK-4275$22.68KK-4275 - Valve Kit-
0000aNew Pump AssyThe original pump is obsolete; this is the replacement pump. It comes with a felt air filter, new transfer tube, engine pulley and belt.CAC-4003-1, N001380, N076027N076027SV$473.23N076027SV - New Pump Assy-
00043Stud Shoulder 3/8-16SSF-6627(X)-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00044Screw #8-32x.375 HhwSSF-935$3.22-
00045Retainer Filter .265-18(X)-
00046Intake Filter9-16279265-17$3.52265-17 - Intake Filter-
00047Screw .375-16x1.50 H3/8"-16 x 1 1/2" (4 Used).SSF-955$4.27SSF-955 - Screw .375-16x1.50 H-
00048Head AssemblyCAC-4213, CAC-293Z-CAC-4213Z-CAC-4213 - Head Assembly(X)-
00049Head Gasket - Head Gasket(X)-
00050Intake Flapper ValveOnly available in Valve Kit KK-4275(X)-
00051ScrewOnly available in Valve Kit KK-4275(X)-
00052Plate RestrictorCAC-294$3.52CAC-294 - Plate Restrictor-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00053Flapper Valve with Corner BevelsOnly available in Valve Kit KK-4275(X)-
00054Valve Plate AssemblyValve plate assembly with valves (no gaskets).CAC-289, CAC-4212-1Z-CAC-4212-1$47.91Z-CAC-4212-1 - Valve Plate Assembly-
00055Valve Plate Gasket - Valve Plate Gasket(X)-
00056Compression Ring - Compression Ring(X)-
00057Oil Ring (4 Used).- Oil Ring(X)-
00058Oil Ring Expander 2 Used.- Oil Ring Expander(X)-
00059Piston Machine Dwg 2CAC-55CAC-55-1(X)-
00060Pin Piston265-19$8.44-
00061Plug Piston PinCAC-207$3.52CAC-207 - Plug Piston Pin-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00063Screw .250-20x1.125SSF-927$3.52SSF-927 - Screw .250-20x1.125-
00064Crankcase & CylinderBare Cylinder for pump. .AC-0352(X)-
000661/4" Pipe Plug1/4" plug for plugging unused ports3168$1.283168 - 1/4" Pipe Plug-
00067Screw .250-20x.875 HSSF-925$5.80SSF-925 - Screw .250-20x.875 H-
00068Base MachDAC-276(X)-
00069Base Gasket - Base Gasket(X)-
00071Needle Bearing .265-23(X)-
00072End Plate Gasket - End Plate Gasket(X)-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00073End Plate265-9(X)-
00074Flywheel 10 Od Ci PoReplace if missing cooling fins or cracked.265-2$80.51265-2 - Flywheel 10 Od Ci Po-
00075Washer .339/.344 IdSSN-1014-ZN$3.52-
00076Screw .313-18x.750 HSSF-3039-ZN$3.52-
00077Oil Seal .- Oil Seal(X)-
00078Vent Filter . Protect your pump from damage by keeping clean or replacing.- Vent Filter(X)-

Displaying 42 products
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