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Devilbiss Air Power Air Compressor Pump Parts ACG-4000-1, AC-0051

Devilbiss Oil Free Pump Parts (Station)

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Devilbiss Air Power
Brand: Devilbiss Air Power
Model: ACG-4000-1, AC-0051

Air Compressor Parts

ACG-4000-1, AC-0051 - Air Compressor Pump Parts

ACG-4000-1, AC-0051 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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Extra Details

Found on many different manufacturers units. Originally made by Devilbiss. Used on Sears, Porter Cable and Charge Air Pro units.
Found on models:

  • FTV530
  • IRC500TVE60V
  • IR500TVE60V
  • PAFCTV530
  • PAFTV530
  • RAC500TVE60V
  • RA500TVE60V

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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Piston/Cylinder Kit NOTE: Same kit as KK-4835, but this includes the Bearing as well. Includes cylinder, piston, connecting rod, bearing and seals.K-0651A02743$68.55A02743 - Piston/Cylinder Kit-
Piston Cup/cylinder KitIncludes the cylinder, piston ring, retaining screw, o-ring and head o-ring. Restores compression (does NOT include Connecting Rod/Piston!). Parts not sold separately.K-0650$59.82K-0650 - Piston Cup/cylinder Kit-
(not shown)Valve Plate Assby  ; ACG-402Z-ACG-402(X)-
(not shown)Whole New Air Compressor Pump/Motor ��� Complete pump/motor assembly with fan. Simply bolt on, wire and run.Z-AC-0051(X)-
00005Cap Connecting RodACG-29$3.91ACG-29 - Cap Connecting Rod-
00006ScrewSSF-3158-1$3.52SSF-3158-1 - Screw-
00007O-ringO-ring for valve plate. Used with original style valve plate.SSG-8156$5.63SSG-8156 - O-ring-
00008Valve Plate Assembly(X)-
00009O-ringOrder this if ordering valve plate or a new head.ACG-45$3.52ACG-45 - O-ring-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00010Head, Left(X)-
00012ScrewSSF-990$3.52SSF-990 - Screw-
00013Muffler IntakeACG-11$4.13ACG-11 - Muffler Intake-
00014Pin EccentricACG-8ACG-8 - Pin Eccentric(X)-
00015Counter balance Inner(X)-
00016WasherACG-9$38.83ACG-9 - Washer-
00017Counterbalance OuterACG-7ACG-7 - Counterbalance Outer(X)-
00018Nut .ACG-23(X)-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00019FanPlastic fan to cool pump and motor.ACG-22$11.56ACG-22 - Fan-
00020Screw39124607$3.7239124607 - Screw-

Displaying 20 products
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