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RIDGID Air Compressor Parts GP90135, GP90135A, GP90150A

RIDGID Portable Gas Air Compressor Parts

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Model: GP90135, GP90135A, GP90150A

Air Compressor Parts

GP90135, GP90135A, GP90150A - Air Compressor Parts
GP90135, GP90135A, GP90150A - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)5/16 " - 18 Lock NutST146000AVST146001AV$2.43ST146001AV - 5/16 " - 18 Lock Nut-
(not shown)FILTER- ALL PLASTIC 12 Filter - All plastic, 1/2" MPT. Order extra for a backup! Replace this often (especially in dusty environments) to keep your pump from damage.ST073919AV, WL012000AV, WL012300AVWL026100AV$13.92WL026100AV - FILTER- ALL PLASTIC 12-
(not shown)Twin Cylinder Air Compressor PumpTwin Cylinder "VT" Pump without Flywheel. Has a 55mm stroke. For Gas-powered units and 240V Electric units only! This is the replacement pump for VT470000KB, VT232605KB and others.. Note: New style pump has only one air line coming off of pump head. If your old pump had 2 lines, order parts MP513901SJ and CV221800AV, too. Click here to view video.VT472200AJ, VT490000AVVT490000SJ$269.50VT490000SJ - Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Pump-
(not shown)Tube KitTube Kit (includes # 7 & 8).VT273500AJ$20.46VT273500AJ - Tube Kit-
00001Belt Guard .  Order replacement part # BG220901SJBG220901AJ(X)-
00001Belt Guard Belt Guard.BG220901SJ$140.24-
00002Set ScrewST026200AV$1.67ST026200AV - Set Screw-
00003Belt, 4l510 (18003)BT023100AVBT023100AV - Belt, 4l510 (18003)(X)-
00004Metal Canister Filter Assembly Protect your pump from damage. Includes filter element & housing. SIZE: 1/2" MPT x Ht 3.80" x W 3.25" Twist Lock ST073915AV$35.38ST073915AV - Metal Canister Filter Assembly-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00005Filter Element (18013) Note: replacement air filter for metal air filter assembly.  ST073916AV$18.90ST073916AV - Filter Element (18013)-
00009Safety Valve, 150psiIf your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature.SRV250150$21.69SRV250150 - Safety Valve, 150psi-
00010Torx ScrewST071626AV$2.34ST071626AV - Torx Screw-
00011Handle Grip(X)-
00012Thumb Screw Drain CockKeep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work. 1/4" Thread & 9/16" HexD-1401D-1403$6.78D-1403 - Thumb Screw Drain Cock-
00013Tube PlugST073612AV$2.22-
00015Round Isolator PadST158300AV$6.00ST158300AV - Round Isolator Pad-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00016ScrewST116400AV$1.45ST116400AV - Screw-
00017Axle Rod-wheelbarrowAA021800AV$6.96-
00018Ball PlugST073613AV$2.22-
00019WheelWheel - 10 inch.WA005501AV$37.57-
00020Throttle Control (18058)CV006412AV$32.83CV006412AV - Throttle Control (18058)-
00021ST128415AV Pilot Valve 135 PSI Male Flare inlet and 1/2" MPT outlet. Cuts in at 105 and out at 135. Click for picture.ST128415AV$83.94
ST128415AV - ST128415AV Pilot Valve 135 PSI-
00021Unloader, ThrottleNote: order this item for model GP90150A. 120 - 150 PSIST171400AV$71.66ST171400AV - Unloader, Throttle-
00022Pressure Gauge, Right Mount0-250 PSI, 1/4" NPT, RIGHT MOUNT, 2" FACEGA016705AV$13.26GA016705AV - Pressure Gauge, Right Mount-
00023Universal CouplerHF203300AV$9.94HF203300AV - Universal Coupler-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00024Manifold AssemblyIncludes gauges.WL024501AV$59.68WL024501AV - Manifold Assembly-
00025Pressure GaugeNote - Order this item for model EX55803VA only.GA016709AV$13.69GA016709AV - Pressure Gauge-
00027Braided Hose TubeUse this with the replacement unloader/pilot valve (00010)ST186600AV$37.20ST186600AV - Braided Hose Tube-
00028Flywheel Note:Comes with 2 set screws and key. Also for models VT203003, VT273100. 3/4" Shaft, 10" DiameterPU015900AG, PU015900AJ, PU015900AVPU015901SJ$53.17PU015901SJ - Flywheel-
00029Compressor PulleyPU015400AGPU015400AV$16.18PU015400AV - Compressor Pulley-
00030KeyKE000900AV$1.74KE000900AV - Key-
00031Set ScrST012200AV$1.45ST012200AV - Set Scr-
00032Brace Assembly LongBG208800AJ$32.22-
00033Honda EngineNG002502AV$608.42NG002502AV - Honda Engine-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00034Hex Mach HeadST070625AV$2.64ST070625AV - Hex Mach Head-
000355/16 in. Washer 5/16 inchST011200AV$1.45ST011200AV - 5/16 in. Washer-
00036Hex Stop NutAL014000AV$1.36AL014000AV - Hex Stop Nut-
00037Wire/tube RetainerST164100AV$2.01ST164100AV - Wire/tube Retainer-
00038Flange NutAlso used on models VT627000, VT629100, VT618202 and VT622001ST033500AV$1.45ST033500AV - Flange Nut-
00039Shoulder BoltST084704AV$6.18-
00040Bg Bracket Tf Gas UnitBG210000AV$9.40BG210000AV - Bg Bracket Tf Gas Unit-
00041Hex Bolt MachNote: Order this item for models CI11G030HB, CI13G030HP, & EX800600 only. Part for all other models is obsolete. ST070674AV$2.10ST070674AV - Hex Bolt Mach-
00042Screw, HhdST016000AV$1.45ST016000AV - Screw, Hhd-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
000435/16 in. Washer 5/16 inchST011200AV$1.45ST011200AV - 5/16 in. Washer-
00045Belt Guard BracketBG220400AV$3.65-
00046Hex Head Screwused on models: VT631504, VT631901, VT559506ST073278AV$1.83ST073278AV - Hex Head Screw-
00047Hex Head BoltST076829AV$2.22-

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