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Speedaire Air Compressor Parts 5F565A

Speedaire Two Stage Compressor Parts

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Brand: Speedaire
Model: 5F565A

Individual Repair Parts

5F565A - Air Compressor Parts

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5F565A - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Pressure Switch 135/175 PSI w/ Unloader. CW207561AV$54.51CW207561AV - Pressure Switch-
(not shown)Switch Lever CapST075400AV$1.45ST075400AV - Switch Lever Cap-
00001New Pump, 5 HP Note: Original Pump is This replacement pump is powered by a 5 HP (Electric Motor). Two Stage splash lubricated pump (original pump was a pressure lubricated pump). May require unloader conversion kit (SK103400AJ) and possible new tank check valve when replacing with this pump. If you have questions, call our sales department.CI050000PD, TF2501TF2101$748.22TF2101 - New Pump, 5 HP-
00002Vert Tank Tf/hs/jvtTF006607CG$536.00-
00003Hex Head Screw(7/16 - 14 X 1 1/2) .ST070645AV(X)-
00005Hex Nut(7/16-14) .ST070729AV(X)-
00006DRAINCOCK VALVE 3/8"ST127700AV$7.15ST127700AV - DRAINCOCK VALVE 3/8"-
00007Check Valve3/4" FPT X 3/4" MPTCTB3434$29.82CTB3434 - Check Valve-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00008Tube ElbowST072231AV$22.61ST072231AV - Tube Elbow-
00009Discharge Tube KitKit incudes tube, nuts and ferrules.TF061500AJ, TF061500AP, TF061500AVTF069000AJ$45.73TF069000AJ - Discharge Tube Kit-
000105/16 in. WasherST011200AV$1.45ST011200AV - 5/16 in. Washer-
00011Copper Tube  Please order replacement R-060600AP.R-060600AYR-060600AP$42.19R-060600AP - Copper Tube-
000131/4 x 1/8 in. Reducer(X)-
00014Pressure Gauge0-300 PSI, 1/4" MPT, BACK MOUNT, 2" Face. Heavy duty steel case. Shows both PSI and BAR.142-1000PG0250300BK$12.39PG0250300BK - Pressure Gauge-
00015Safety ValveV-215200AV$16.57V-215200AV - Safety Valve-
00016Reducer BushST071428AV$5.94ST071428AV - Reducer Bush-
00017MOTOR IND. PACKED, 7.5 HP, 3 PHASE7.5 HP, 3 PHASE.MC301500AVMC033600SJ$574.40-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00018BeltAlso used on models CE720500FP, CE720600FPBT008500AVBT008501AV$17.16BT008501AV - Belt-
00019PulleyUsed on models CE720500FP, CE720600FPPU009750AV$48.55PU009750AV - Pulley-
00020Ext Tooth WasherST072608AV$1.45-
00021Screw item.ST070638AV$1.33-
00023Flange NutAlso used on models VT627000, VT629100, VT618202 and VT622001ST033500AV$1.45ST033500AV - Flange Nut-
00024Belt Front, WireBG217000AV$58.69BG217000AV - Belt Front, Wire-
00025Beltguard BackBG217100AV$74.89BG217100AV - Beltguard Back-
00027Nut 10-24 Hex FlangeST116201AV$1.45ST116201AV - Nut 10-24 Hex Flange-
00028Scr SelfST016500AV$1.45ST016500AV - Scr Self-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
000295/16 in. Washer 5/16 inchST011200AV$1.45ST011200AV - 5/16 in. Washer-
00030ScrewST120200AV, ST073236AVST074415AV$1.45ST074415AV - Screw-
00032Belt Guard, WireTF063400AV(X)-
00033Tube Fitting W/comp NutTF060402AJ$44.28TF060402AJ - Tube Fitting W/comp NutFactory B/O, no ETA
00034Mag Starter BracketBG215300AV$18.24BG215300AV - Mag Starter Bracket-
00035Scr SelfST016500AV$1.45ST016500AV - Scr Self-
00036Magnetic Starter AssemblyST122010AJ$133.70ST122010AJ - Magnetic Starter Assembly-
00037External Tooth Lockwasher(5/16)ST146800AV(X)-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00038Hex ScrewST074407AV$1.39-

Displaying 37 products
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