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Conrader AIC style Smart Start Emglo Air Filter AIC Style

Air Compressor Air Filters

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Brand: Conrader
Model: AIC Style

AIC Style - AIC style Smart Start Emglo Air Filter

Smart Start air filters for use on many Emglo hand carry air compressors.  Protect your pump from damage by keeping clean or replacing.

Conrader Company has developed a new device designed to eliminate compressor-starting problems. Named the Smart Start, it automatically allows the compressor motor to reach full speed prior to running under loaded conditions. The Smart Start accomplishes a loadless start by controlling the compressor at the inlet. Simply replace the standard inlet filter on the compressor with the Smart Start, and starting problems go away. Benefits:

The Smart Start reduces amperage draw during start up and eliminates tripped circuit breakers.
It compensates for starting voltage drops and allows the use of multiple tools on the same circuit.
Cold weather and extension cords won't stop your compressor from starting. The Smart Start offers worry free operation.
No need for inefficient start unloaders that blow system air to atmosphere and increase pump up time.
Integral inlet filter provides a barrier between work site contamination and your compressor.

Note:On some models, it may be easier to install filter by installing a 3/8 elbow into pump and then installing Smart Start Filter.

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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00000Smart Start Air Filter 3/8" MPT. Protect your pump from damage by keeping clean or replacing.AIC38$25.37AIC38 - Smart Start Air Filter-
00000Smart Start Air Filter 1/2" MPT. Protect your pump from damage by keeping clean or replacing.AIC12$25.37AIC12 - Smart Start Air Filter-
00000Smart Start Replacement Element Replacement element for both 3/8" and also 1/2" size. Element only for air filter assembly.AIC12RK$5.00AIC12RK - Smart Start Replacement Element-

Displaying 3 products
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