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1/2" Safety Relief Valves

Safety Relief Valves

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- 1/2\" Safety Relief Valves

ASME approved soft seat safety relief valves. (UV & NB Symbols) Rugged design that's built to last and a silicone seal for optimum performance! SCFM Range 66-449. To determine the size of the end that fits into the tank, measure the OD of the threads, then subtract 1/4" because pipe sizes always measure 1/4" over the actual size. 25psi - 300psi available.

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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00000Safety Valve, 135psiSRV390135$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 150psiSRV390150$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 165psiSRV390165$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 175psiSRV390175$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 200psiSRV390200$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 225psiSRV390225$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 250psiSRV390250$30.20-
00000Safety Valve, 65psiSRV390065$30.20-

Displaying 8 products
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